The Planning Begins

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”

St Augustine

Travelling the world always seems like a nice dream, and one that was put on the long finger for far too long for me, mainly due to some lovely waiting lists for orthodontic treatment and surgeries. But now that that is in the past, the future is a big bright blue and green planet, waiting to be explored.

The wanderlust really began in earnest last summer, with a city hopping trip to the USA. 2 weeks in June, visiting San Francisco, Chicago & New York really got my feet itchy to explore even further afield.

The plan for 2017 centers around a base for ourselves in Australia for a year, on a working holiday, with a month of travelling in Thailand somewhere in the middle to break up the year. The initial plan was to go to Oz via Dubai and have a few days exploring the city and desert there but then a better idea came along…


A great suggestion from Ronan (who loves all things ship and sea related), suggested going the opposite direction to Australia, compared to how other people usually get there, and heading to Hawaii first. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from Dublin to Hawaii, but then again, I don’t need much of an excuse for a lay over in San Francisco. So the decision was made for 16 hours to be spent wandering around San Francisco for old times sake (and for a break from the airport), and then on to Hawaii for a week or so holiday, exploring Oahu. Nicely for us, there are direct flights from Honolulu on to Sydney, where we plan to start our exploring of Down Under.

The flights have been booked as far as Hawaii for now, and the loose plans for us while we’re there so far include visiting Pearl Harbour, relaxing on Waikiki and doing the Manoa Falls Waterfall Hike – more commonly known as the Jurassic Park Waterfall Adventure (which for a big Jurassic Park fan like myself, I already cannot wait to do).

The planning will continue with us deciding what else to do with our week or so in Hawaii (maybe a some cage diving with sharks will be included), and of course the main part of the organising – flights and visas to visit Skippy and the other kangaroos.



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  1. This is awesome guys! What a wonderful adventure you have planned. I am drooling about your Hawaii trip – never made it there (and a big Jurassic Park fan too).

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