Travel Accessories – Wish List


“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.”

Lao Tzu

Naturally, there are a lot of bits and pieces that both myself and Ronan are going to have to buy before we leave for our big trip. One of the things at the top of our list is a rucksack each, as this will be much handier when we hit Thailand –  I’ve heard that suitcases with wheels and Thai footpaths don’t mix very well.

Packing these rucksacks will probably be the hard part, making sure we don’t pack to heavily and end up like an like an overturned turtle trying to get through airports.

Tortoise falling over
How we don’t want to look with our rucksacks

However, I do have some ideas of things I’d like to fill my bag up with, which I don’t have yet – giant hints for anyone thinking buying me a present between now and when we leave 😉

Hamam Towel, €21.95

I came across this hamam towel in a gift shop of another travel blog, Traveling Dutchies. It is available in various bright and designs and is made from highly absorbing cotton and dries really fast. The hamam towel is lightweight and can be fold really small, which makes it easy to take with you as a towel, beach towel, shawl or even as a sheet. This saves a lot of space in your luggage, making it perfect for when you are travelling.

Travel sheet with insect shield, €45.95

I also found this useful travel aid on Traveling Dutchies. This travel sheet is a nice lightweight and compact package that you simply put in your backpack or daypack. With this,you always have your own clean bedding on hand which is easy to wash afterwards – especially useful during treks, sleeping outdoors, in small villages with limited accommodation options or while couch surfing. One of the most useful aspects of this travel sheet is the built-in pillow case you easily put around a pillow, so you don’t have to worry you wake-up with your head on a not so fresh pillow. If you have no pillows available, you can fill it with a few sweaters or the comfy Cocoon travel pillow ( Also it keeps the sleeping bag in place. In addition, this Cocoon travel sheet has a wide opening, which makes it easy stepping in or out. The travel sheet contains an insect shield and not only protects against mosquitoes, but also against bedbugs. Falling asleep on our visits to places with lots of bugs certainly wouldn’t be an issue with this.


Bottle Light, €14.95

Yet again, another nifty little tool from Traveling Dutchies. With this little rechargeable bottle light, you can use your empty beer or wine bottles as a table lamp! You can put this handy LED light, shaped as a cork, easily into any bottle, so it turns into a lamp. Also useful if you want to close an opened bottle of wine! You can enjoy your evenings even more while traveling, or at home in the garden of course! The bottle light can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be charged in just 1 hour via USB. Ideal for traveling! As the light is placed inside the bottle, each bottle will create a different effect.

Packing Cubes, €14-€20

The Eagle Creek Pack-it Spectrum packing cubes would be potentially one of the best investments for a backpacker holiday. Not only do they organize your backpack or suitcase, you can also save a lot of space if you pack them in the right way. You can easily line up the packing cubes, for example in the bottom section of your backpack. They hardly take any space in your backpack, thanks to the super light material of the cubes.

To get the most out of the cubes, it is recommend them to pack full and to choose one category of clothing for every cube. So one Pack-It Cube for shorts, another for tops and another one for warm clothing. By purchasing cubes in different colors, you won’t need first to open all the cubes to know what’s inside. Always use the same color for a certain type of clothing. For example, green for shorts and white for shirts.

The following number of cubes are recommended:

Women: 1 full cube, 3 half cubes and 2 quarter cubes (if you pack lots of clothing because of a long trip, one extra half cube is recommended)

Men: 2 full cubes, 2 half cubes en 1 quarter cubes

Of course how many cubes you take also depends of the purpose and the duration of your trip.

For an idea of what fits in the Pack-it Spectrum cubes, I found the below example on the Travel Dutchies blog. This is only an indication, because it depends on the size and thickness of your own clothes.

Full cube: 2 sweaters, 1 pair of jeans, 1 long sports trousers or sweatpants, 1 thin jacket or 8 men’s shirts Half cube: 10 singlets or 6 shorts (8 thin sport shorts) or 6 dresses or 6 t-shirts (ladies) / 4 t-shirts (men) Quarter cube: ideal for underwear, bikini’s and/or socks.

Travel Journal

Of course, no trip around the world would be complete without a travel journal, to help a travel blogger keep track of the planning and of all the adventures they get up to. These are so easy to find now, as journal keeping is beginning to make a comeback. Travel journals in particular are quite easy to get your hands on and as you can imagine looking at these photos, it’s impossible to pick just one…




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