If you fill your life with experiences, not things, then you’ll have stories to tell and not things to show. For me, memories and experiences are always the best things to have and something no one can ever take away from you.

To introduce myself, my name is Hannah. I have always had a strong desire to travel everywhere and anywhere from a very young age. I was then lucky enough to meet my now boyfriend, Ronan, who shares the travel bug with me. We have always enjoyed travelling together, so after a city hopping holiday to the US in 2015, we made the decision to make a trip around the world in 2017, basing ourselves for a year in Australia on a  working holiday, with stops in several US cities along the way, a month travelling Thailand to break up the year in Oz and who knows what else…

No doubt there will be additions and changes to our tour, some hiccups and unexpected journeys along the way and plenty of excitement. Our blog and Facebook page will keep you up to date on our crazy ideas to take on the world, any challenges we face, along with photographs, videos and updates of our plans and trips.

We would love to hear from fellow travellers about any suggestions that might have on things to do and places to see while we are exploring. Of course, if we can be of any help to anyone hoping to do a similar trip, we would be happy to help and give you any pointers you might need.

Our travel adventures started with a midweek break to the west of Ireland together and is still continuing now. So far, our trips together have included Gran Canaria, Nottingham, Paris, San Francisco, Chicago & New York. Other trips which we have enjoyed, although not together, include Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Rome, Argentina, Norway & Turkey.

Join us on our adventures, and you might be inspired to start your own.